Translink and bridge tolling: a tax grab?

September 18, 2009

CC_Charge_LogoPurpose of tolling existing bridges, which are gates to the city core, is not to pay for it, but to put in place a sound economic principle of management of limited resource management (road space) which is known as demand management:

this sound practice is what allow you to travel for $200 to Europe in the middle of October, when the same will cost you $2000 on Christmas break.
This sound practice is what allow you to give free call on night or WE while it will cost you an arm and a leg during business day…

all of it is to drive demand toward better resource usage what help to keep the overall price of it low, and there is no reason to not apply it to road.
Everyone is paying to cross a Vancouver bridge in peak hour, if not by money directly, it is by time (like now),…and time is money…

even if I don’t use a bridge, I am waiting for the delivery truck (or the bus)..stuck in congestion: it eventualy cost me half day of work, to wait for a delivery (or a missing connection for the bus) . someone has to pay the driver stuck in the traffic…
(in the case of the Translink driver:  it is the taxpayer, because it doesn’t want to toll the bridge!)
We all pay this in poor economic productivity (as shows statcan, and eventually the report of ICABC),

What can address this congestion problem? 
A measure able to discourage the traffic which economic input doesn’t compensate the cost of the  congestion it is contributing to.
 Does a tax on your hydrobill, house or gas tank is able to do it?
So what is a tax grab?  a tax on hydro bill, tax on  gas, tax on property, or a user fee like congestion charge (which doesn’t means you have to pay all times) ?

Note1: if you still believe, you can build (with taxpayer money?) your way out of congestion = look at Los Angeles

Note2: Which country is the most competitive nowadays= Switzerland

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