Is it OK to enjoy the Games?

February 12, 2010

The Olympic Committee is nothing more than an a content provider for the media industry.
Actors of its content are so-called “Athletes” some become rich and famous most will stay in the shadow with struggling life like in any other entertainment industries.
Stage of its content is the so called “host city”. Some gain something of the exposure, most get nothing but debt.
Live Spectators, like in any TV show are a necessary ingredient for a good picture, but nothing more.
Act (The olympic committee call it “sport”) are chosen according to how sell able they are, usually “X” things sell well… because Olympic Committee has been founded at a time the main entertainment providers were circus and funfair, it has also some circus act, like the bullet man: In Olympic verbiage, it’s called ski jumping, and still carried on for the folklore.

…Because the Olympic committee carries heritage of the age of the peplums and before, it has introduced a kind of greco-fascist packaging to its content still appealing to the mass: after all we still appreciate to see “Ben-Hur” or “the ten commandment” from time to time: isn’it?

There is nothing wrong with all of this, and it is certainly OK to enjoy it like any content, after all it is the purpose of the entertainment industry to amuse us, and sure the show can be nice when paid with the kids education money, but no-one should fool himself about this Barnum remake and its values.

In order to maximize its profit, the Content provider want also take control of the stage. It could be OK if the stage was not a real city…
(It has been decided it was OK to paint whole city’s buildings to the Color of some sponsors, but not OK to put animal picture on your balcony… image rights of a whole city financed district are fully owned by the Olympic committee..sexual discrimination is also OK under this committee’s law…)

It is where the corporate value should be bounded by the democratic ones.

Unfortunately, instead our democracy prostitutes itself to it, like a movie starlet willing to do anything to get under the spotlights.
It is also OK for a whore to enjoy to be abused…but none should fool himself, about her values.

So let’s enjoy the games, but don’t forget it is a pretty guilty pleasure build on the wrecking of our democratic, freedom and human right values.

this has been originally posted on the frances Bula blog

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