Rail Rapid Transit for Vancouver in 1962

May 7, 2010

The pictures below are the ones illustrating a “Rail Rapid Transit for metropolitan Vancouver (15Mbytes)” study by the Province of British Columbia in 1962.

More than the conclusion of the study, mostly done to appease opposition to freeways plan of the time [1], it is interesting to note how the authors of it place themselves in the “motordom” paradigm [2] , where public transit is merely considered as no more as a means to connect parkings to workplaces.

One will also note how the authors question “Why Vancouver should does differently of other cities?”… Other cities then investing massively in Freeway systems, and will put an extensive map section (7 Mbytes) tending to demonstrate how Vancouver freeways plan lag behind those other cities in term of ambition.

Congress street expressway later renamed the Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway (I 290) , Chicago, Il

park and ride at Triskett station, Cleveland, Oh

The study presents some other interesting facts on the population and employment projections worth to revisit (the later not taking account the more distributed pattern of employment the future will bring).

[1] this is the report cited by Harry Rankin in its 1971 “beat the traffic rush” pamphlet

[2] The views expressed are not much different than the ones expressed in this May 1959 Buzzer edition


3 Responses to “Rail Rapid Transit for Vancouver in 1962”

  1. Rod Smelser Says:

    Thanks for arranging for this rather ancient report to be accessed. I don’t know if you personally got it pdf’ed, but it would be nice to see more of that kind of material available.

    The odd thing is that the map assumes the rail lines will not even reach into Burnbay, let alone Coquitlam, Surrey or the Valley beyond.

  2. […] of the Lions gate bridge or other road project in town On the topic, one will especially refer to a report of 1962 devising on the need of rapid transit in Vancouver which was […]

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