BC first 6 storey building end up in ash

May 4, 2011

BC building code has been changed in 2009 to go over 4 storey building, and Remy builder was taking advantage of it to build a 6 storey woodframe buildings complex along Cambie in Richmond [1]

Remy Condominium under construction at Cambie in Richmond

Was the Campbell government move to support the BC forestry industry done a the expense of the public safety?
Richmond fire department had expressed concerns, Campbell had dismissed them…

Still, tuesday night the yet to complete buildings were on fire…

the 6 storey Remy Condominium development was under fire tuesday night

…raising lot of questions.

what left of the development the morning after

[1] Timber line reaches new height with wood condos VancouverSun, march 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “BC first 6 storey building end up in ash”

  1. Rick Fine Says:

    The building code requirements were not it place yet- the building was still under construction so of course it went up like a pile of lumber. Don’t make judgements about the code until it has a chance!

  2. Voony Says:

    Rick, thanks to reminding us that we can’t judge of the fire resilience of a building from what happen at a construction site. That said I didn’t feel I was judging, I was just reminding some controversies surrounding the BC building code modification which seems to have been done in a rush to please a lobby facing very difficult time in the aftermath of the US real estate meltdown…and I was also considering the fire more or less suspicious…so raising question

  3. Rico Says:

    As previously mentioned the fireworthiness of the building before construction is completed is significantly different than after. Personally I have no problems with 6 or 8 story wood structures. Without doing a lot of research I would assume that they offer significant environmental benefits vs steel or concrete buildings of the same size. The cinic in me agrees it was probably arson.

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