August 24, 2011

Notice the word, Translink has to be “blamed” for high Transit ridership.

That is at least the opinion [2] of the Province editorial board, which one has to concede, is not lacking of humor:
Writing an editorial to find some “scapegoat” to “blame” for high transit ridership is something requiring not only a good sense of humor, but also require a fair capability to self depreciation.

Eventually our preferred Skytrain basher will concur with the Province opinion, only begging to differ since the skytrain should share the “blame”. Not surprising and for once could be right.

Of course, the Province will be not faithfull to its credo, if it was not whining at the fact the car-drivers have also to pay a share of the cost they induce, what it duly does…A share of the cost, since according studies, lower mainland car driver was subsidized as of $2,700 to $6,600 per car in 1991 [1]

…since that time the subsidies have only increased…nevertheless according to The Province editorial board, there is never enough tax payer $ spent to satisfy the motorist appetite…but enough laugh, it is back to school soon!

[1] subsidies of $2,700 per car/year according to “The Cost of Transporting People in the British Columbia Lower Mainland”, Transport 2021, GVRD, 1993. subsidies of $6,600 per car/year according to “Reviews of Transport 2021 Costs of Transporting People in the Lower Mainland”, MOT, 1993. See also conclusion of those reports at Transport Action site

[2] Social engineers are behind transit woes, The province, August 23th, 2011


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