A Richmond Transit plan: The regional view

August 30, 2011

Richmond local transit routes have seen little change with the advent of he canada Line. The network is essentialy geared toward the commuter traffic from Richmond to Vancouver. Richmond is not thought as a destination in itself in despite of its high level of jobs. As an incidence:

  • the Business parks along Knight Street remain generally inaccessible by people arriving from the South Fraser community (be by buses 351, 301, 601…)
  • For a Richomnite, it can be a challenge to get to the airport, involving in most of the case not less than 2 transfers (typically one at Brighouse and one at Bridgeport).

The network could also take a more decisive advantage of the choke points surrounding Lulu Island. The proposition hereafter aims at correcting those issues, and we examine in this post the regional view first.

In addition of the existing service, 301 and 351 (which are slightly altered to take the shortest route), the map below introduces the bus service already discussed in this blog

  • route 699B which has been previously discussed
  • route 411 which as also been previously discussed

and a new one,

The route 630: Ladner Exchange-Metrotown

  • This route replace the route 430 (Richmond Brighouse-Metrotown)

The rational for it, is that since the advent of the Canada line, it is always faster to board on the Canada line and transfer along the way toward Metrotown, than to use the 430 from Brighouse. So it is reasonable to retire an “express route” which has been made obsolete by recent transit improvement (which is eventually illustrated by a relatively poor ridership). Nevertheless, if the route originate from Ladner, (or Riverside), it can offer a definitive advantage for rider travelling toward Metrotown or Knight street area:

route option Ladner Exchange -> Metrotown travel time
601+430 20+30mn
630 est. 40mn

The retiring of the 430 pay for the introduction of the 630, and a similar number of run per day can be proposed since, in despite of a longer route, the bus travel at a higher speed

  • The 630, starts at Ladner park and ride exchange, to connect with local shuttle route here, and proposes the service as an alternative to alleviate traffic queuing at the George massey Tunnel.
  • The 630 stops at Riverside (Hwy99 at Steveston Hwy), providing a good connection with the South East richmond network (401, 403, 404, 405 and C93), and also at Crestwood, where it offers potential connection with regional route 301 and 411 as well as local route 410, and C96, opening new access for people coming from south of the tunnel.
  • In Vancouver the route is identic to the one currently followed by the 430

One would like to see the 630 service provided by highway coaches, since the patrons boarding this service are still aiming at a relative long journey.

Proposed and existing regional Express Bus line (solid thin line) and existing and potential B line (in red dashed lines). Skytrain network in thick yellow line

To summarize the service level on selected route segment

route frequency Travel time
699B Ladner-Bridgeport 15mn 20mn
301 Newton-Brighouse 20mn 45mn
411 22nd Station-Brighouse 20mn 30mn
630 Ladner-Metrotown 20mn 40mn

One will also notice that the combination of route 301 and 411 can provide an express service between Queensborough (Fraserwood) and Richmond every 10mn.


4 Responses to “A Richmond Transit plan: The regional view”

  1. Rico Says:

    I like your ideas, like the previous bus rationalization post I think you should pass this one to translink….and perhaps on skyscrapper city (I have lurked reading comments and know you post there periodically).


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  4. […] also: A Richmond Transit Plan – The Regional View and The Local View on Voony’s […]

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