December 18, 2012

Michael Green has submitted an unsolicited proposal for a multi venue art gallery [1].

(Thought he mentions that he “would like to re-open this discussion”, the comment section of his site is closed)

  • I don’t think too much of the multi venue idea (also proposed by Bob Rennie [3]); which if considered, should be region-wise, and not Vancouver centric, to bring culture to people, rather than expect people to travel to the most improbable locations to see a tiny part of what the VAG has to offer.
  • I guess the idea to build, even underground, something in Stanley park, is just plain provocative, in a try to generate some media attention: Stanley park should be a nature sanctuary.

That said, a good idea emerges: the use of a bridge for something else than transportation.


Michael green is envisioning an art gallery under the Granville bridge

The idea beyond the infra-urbanity neologism

Vancouver, is a city of bridges. One has always to cross a bridge to move around and bridges are part of the Vancouver DNA. but so far bridges have been seen only as infrastructure -we like to routinely replace- designed as pure links, like freeways, with no urban contribution whatsoever. That is, the bridge is not considered as a place of exchange or life in itself. Thought some efforts have been suggested to improve the bridge experience, they should be considered as a starting point [2]:

The Granville bridge green way proposal by City of Vancouver is an improvement on the existing layout, but as proposed, it could deprive the pedestrians of one of the Main bridge asset: the vistas on False creek

With Granville bridge, we have an opportunity, to change that, be with an art gallery or something else, in its truss, encouraging strolling on the bridge, and taking advantage of it (rain shelter) to bring the city one step forward. In that sense the Michael Green contribution, bringing the old idea of “living bridge” into the debate is welcome.

[1] A fresh vision for the old art gallery, Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail, Dec 14, 2012

[2] see Price tags

[3] Rennie releases proposal for multi-venue art gallery system, Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail, Dec 12, 2012

3 Responses to “Infra-urbanity”

  1. Roger Kemble Says:

    2013 Predictions

    Vancouver city will sink deeper and deeper into debt. Compound interest will compound: who cares, leave it to the grand kids?

    Meanness around the shelter at Emery Barnes Parks (something Emery, I knew him, would never countenance) reflects a vicious streak all too familiar and growing.

    Real estate will continue to gently peter out: the Chinese have their own mounting problems. So will jobs (what happened to all those North Shore ship building jobs?), as both slowly trend downwards.

    The cycle lobby will continue to make itself very unpopular. Why? Heaven only knows, it got all it wanted!

    The Three Trinketeers will continue to hawk the world to justify their claims. Who the hell cares about tubes in Neuilly-sur-Seine or Creteil? Vancouver has its own unique issues.

    UBC will convert, out of necessity, to on-line under-grad instruction (80+ per class just doesn’t cut it, educationally, socially or economically). Miraculously seating on the B-line and no 9 will become readily available 24/7. TX bavardage, regardless, will escalate (we want our phuccin’ Broadway toob and we want it now) exponentially.

    The city will strongly resist connecting incrementalized traditional villages, by a light net-work of trams, providing most amenity/residence within walking: power never gives up without a show-down! Nor the bavardages.

    The Canada Line is a flop: over crowded proving the dictum, “the more you build the more will come!“. Already the smart set use cabs to/from YVR. (Over crowded tubes are fertile grounds for gropers and pick-pockets: I learned that on el Linea Amarillo, Universidad/Indios Verdes.)


    Port Mann Two will be quietly brushed under the rug while millions more will be wasted wiring the wires to no avail.

    The SFPR will not relieve traffic anywhere. Dictum: the more roads they build the more traffic will come!

    Surrey Center is still Whalley while Watts deludes her cohorts, ever building to solve her problems. Your problems are endemic, traditional and cultural, not concrete, Dianne. Live with it!

    The country and the province will sink deeper and deeper into debt. Compound interest will compound: who cares, leave it to the grand kids?

    The Tar Sands will cease to be. All that money and braggadocio wasted. Canada will rapidly degenerate from a petro-state to a banana republic less the bananas. So will our neighbor to the south but don’t expect MB, Tessa, boo hoo, voony y mezzanine et. al. to let on! Let’s all be happeeeeeee . . .

    Politically we will trend to the right despite no one wanting it. I don’t understand that one, corporate control I guess.

    There will not be a financial crash. Criminal banks and Zionists will continue to be supported by governments and the world will teeter on the verge of a violence and break out.

    All the acrimonious acronyms, NAFTA, CIFTA, TPP etc. will escalate giving Mr. Silvester more excuses to infiltrate the ALR while sanctimoniously denying.

    AGW will become a laughing matter: more legitimate scientist will come to recognize it for what it is: a tax grab! (No more substantiating links on phony AGW from me: I’ve posted enough!)

    Academics, supported by grants, will continue to exploit the myth. Governments will continue to lie; the gullible will continue to buy.

    The Baltic dry index plummets as Nordstrom’s plans for the 1950’s: Oakridge gated ghetto, Ambleside Village and Marine Gateway too.

    On a personal note, glaucoma blinds my eyes, three fractured vertebrate put paid to waltzing and I miss my thirty-four year old girl friend: but I relish happy memories of cruising the Salish Sea.

    Life is very, very good!

    The Mayans were wrong. So!

  2. Roger Kemble Says:

    . . . and a very happy New Year to you Voony and may your future be bright and clear.

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