August 18, 2010

A more or less typical Vancouver Down Town Alley, not really engaging, isn'it? credit photo (1)

Michael Geller has collected interesting idea from Spain, on its blog, including one he thinks could improve the look of our dumpsters:

Dumpster in Barcelona, Spain. credit Photo (2)

But may be we can go one step beyond, and remove them altogether from sight by putting them underground to have something looking more like this:

Dumpster are not nice, smelly and take room. put them underground

Buried dumpster become a common fixture in Europe, and often, they are mounted on a lifting platform looking like it when opened:

the 'buried' dumpster are in fact mounted on a lifting platform making them readily accesible for garbage collection

You can check [4] to see how it works. That said, some other “buried” dumpster systems exist [5], and could be certainly worth to be explored, not only for collection of household and commercial waste, but also to replace too often overflowing bins on Granville Mall and elsewhere, and that could allow to fully exploit the potential of our alleys like Seattle has did for some of them:

Nord alley, Seattle. credit photo (3)


[2]Michael Geller


[4] this youtube video illustrates how can wok the lift system

[5] another system, not relying anymore on rolling dumpster, can be view in demonstration on this youtube video.